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EEB2 2024-17 Supply of sanitary consumables and associated small equipment

EEB2 2024-17 TED notice 
EEB2 2024-17 Specifications
EEB2 2024-17 Invitation to tender
EEB2 2024-17 Framework supply contract
EEB2 2024-17 Attachments

Emailaddress for submission: WOL-CALL-FOR-TENDER-EEB22024-17@EURSC.EU 

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Contract Notice
Invitation to tender
Tender Specifications Part.1 – Administrative Specifications
Tender Specifications Part.2 – Technical Specifications
Annex 1. Checklist
Annex 2. Declaration of Honour
Annex 3. Technical tender form
Annex 4. Financial form
Annex 4bis. Financial Offer
Annex 5. Financial Identification
Project of Framework Contract
Contract award notice

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Contracts awarded

List of contracts with a greater value than 15.000 EUR signed by the EEB2

List of specific contracts based on a framework contract signed by the EEB2:


Contract documents and forms

General conditions for puchase orders for very low value, low-value and middle value contracts