Please visit the website of the Office of the Secretary-general of the European school.

Certificates can be obtained by email: christiane.breeur@eursc.eu. The scanned copy of the document will be sent to you.

To inform the school about any changes concerning your personal data (postal and/or e-mail addresses, phone/mobile numbers, etc.) , please send an email to the following address: WOL-SMS-UPDATING@eursc.eu (Woluwe) or EVE-SMS-UPDATING@eursc.eu (Evere).

The school calendar is published as soon as it is received from the Office of the Secretary-General. It must first be approved by the Administrative Board. The calendar is usually published between December and February.

Information regarding access can be found under Contact.

Information evenings are organized in the Nursery-Primary and in the Secondary. Dates are communicated in due time. Parents can also make an appointment to meet teachers individually by contacting them by email.