MULTI-G is a Belgian company operating in Africa. Founded in 1990 at the initiative of a pharmacist, Mr Gady Zohori, MULTI-G specializes in the marketing of pharmaceutical products. MULTI-G works in partnership with, on the one hand, state purchasing offices and, on the other hand, with the network of wholesalers which in turn provide hospitals and pharmacies with MULTI-G medicines and medical devices.

MULTI-G has a unique positioning on high growth market segments such as medical imaging, fertility and ART, injectables, anti cancer and vaccines.

MULTI-G has developed a unique and innovative solution for rapid blood grouping ABO/RhD: Hemogroup-M, a self contained, room temperature, skill free and equipment free kit.

Thanks to Hemogroup-M it is now possible, easy, reliable and cost effective to enforce WHO recommendations for blood transfusion safety by cross checking the donor and receiver's bloods at the patient's bedside to avoid deadly blood incompatibility accidents.

Hemogroup-M allows the promotion of maternal care policies to pursue WHO goals of reducing very high maternal morbidity rate due to severe hemorrhage at child birth. Hemogroup-M helps reducing drastically reaction time so that the life saving blood transfusion can be administered immediately. 


Hemogroup-M is a unique and innovative device to perform rapid blood grouping ABO/RhD in under 3 minutes. It can be stored at room temperature, it has a shelf life of 36 months, it doesn't require any equipment whatsoever, in fact it doesn't require electricity even, and it can be performed very easily and safely by any health officer.
Hemogroup-M is the only practical and affordable solution to implement efficient blood transfusion safety policy to eliminate blood incompatibility accidents which occur every day in Africa.
Hemogroup-M is a powerful tool to implement extremely efficient maternal mortality reduction policy as it reduces drastically the reaction time when severe hemorrhage occurs during child birth, which is the main cause of mother female mortality in Africa.


Multi-G has established strong partnerships with key players in the field of ART so we can provide your ART center and meet all your needs such as gonadotropins and ART consumables. Multi-G is the sole distributor for Sanzyme gondotropins, which meet the highest quality standards, and are manufactured in their state of the art, EU GMP certified, production site.

We can also provide you with all the other consumables you may need, from labware to oocyte collection needles, embryo transfer catheter, gynecological devices, ART culture media, male fertility diagnostic kits etc.   

We deliver highly sensitive products in the safest conditions and in the timeliest manner in order to guarantee the highest quality of the  product after delivery and make sure you can achieve the highest live birth ratio possible.

CT Scan and MRI Contrast Media

Multi-G has developed the first generic contrast media product range.
It allows us to provide imaging centers in Africa with affordable, high quality contrast media for CT scan and MRI.
Medical imaging is a high growth field because it allows much more advanced and reliable diagnostics.
Since the cost bears on the patient most of the time, it is crucial that affordable contrast media are made available so that patients have access to quality diagnostics, and imaging centers can develop their activity with reduced prices.


Multi-G markets high quality anti cancer medicines at affordable prices. Cancer is spreading on the African continent and it is essential to make chemotherapy treatments available to the general public at the lowest price possible, especially since in most cases the patient bears the whole cost of the treatment and the income level is low. 
Multi-G is able to provide both small and large quantities according to the needs and the means available.
We are also able to deliver these medicines very quickly because unlike other markets, the reaction time is often life saving and a key factor in the success rate of the treatment.


Multi-G has secured strong partnerships with leading vaccines manufacturer.
We can supply large quantities of vaccines, most of them WHO pre-qualified and/or EU-GMP to meet the growing need for affordable vaccines, especially since traditional big pharma have been disengaging from this market segment in order to focus on more profitable, high-income markets such as the EU and the US.


According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes is becoming a large scale health issue in Africa where it is expected prevalence will more than double before 2040, rising from 14,2 million to 34,2 millions people affected by diabetes. It is estimated treatment and medical analysis can cost as much as 20% of the average income. 95 % of type 1 diabetic children don't receive treatment in Africa and have a life expectancy of less than a year. In this context, Multi-G will market in 2020 more affordable last generation insulin, to allow more patients to have access to treatment. Multi-G also collaborates with key opinion leaders and NGOs to provide more information and training about diabetes, so that patients learn about their condition and the importance of getting a treatment to avoid severe complications.


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