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AURIFER TAX ADVISERS - Gulf and European governments

Government entities

The six Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council are currently undergoing significant tax reform, due to continued low oil prices and increased spending obligations. Our tax professionals have extensive experience in assisting Gulf and European governments with VAT policy.

We have experience in engaging with government stakeholders, raising awareness on tax issues, drafting legislation and taxpayer guidance, translating requirements into IT systems and communicating changes to the broader public. We also measure the impact of fiscal legislation on government entities at a regional and municipal level.

Gulf family holdings

Gulf family holdings constitute the economic fabric of the Gulf economies and are our long term partners. They are faced with specific tax challenges due to their structures and are the businesses hit the hardest by the introduction of fiscal legislation.

They are often very diversified which makes fiscal analysis complex. We identify savings opportunities, manage risk and assess the compliance cost of these businesses.
AURIFER TAX ADVISERS - Gulf family holdings
AURIFER TAX ADVISERS - Law firms and professional services firms

Law firms and professional services firms

We know law firms and professional services firms inside and out and are particularly well placed to assess the impact of fiscal legislation on their operations. Additionally, we partner up with law firms advising their clients on their tax strategy, structure and processes.

Tax can be a driver for organizational reform and conversely the tax consequences of any change in structure need to be assessed. Law firms are our natural go-to when the administrative controversy no longer offers a reasonable solution and we need to solve matters before the courts.

Global top tier international groups, the financial sector, real estate and transport

We advise global top tier businesses. We have strengths in the financial, real estate and transport sectors and use an approach that allows us to understand any sector’s unique set of tax challenges. Due to its limited VAT recovery and specific obligations imposed on it, the financial sector is uniquely complex.

The same holds for the real estate sector where the use of plots and buildings will determine the VAT liability and the possibility to recover input VAT. Finally, as a regional logistics center, a number of countries have specific queries with respect to the flow of goods to and from the GCC, and how these interlink with customs legislation.   
AURIFER TAX ADVISERS - Global top tier international groups, financial services, real estate and transport

We provide training
on several different subjects.

At Aurifer, we pride ourselves on our training skills. Our experts have extensive training experience in multiple jurisdictions, having provided training both to professionals and on an academic level. We provide general and sector specific training.
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