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Experienced freight train drivers fully authorised to drive in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Punctual, professional and flexible – all of our train drivers meet these 3 basic criteria.
Safety comes first, so we observe the PC226 legal driving and rest times.

Urgent orders or long-term contracts? Rail4Rent is available 24/7!

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Rail4Rent: Quality and flexibility is our motto
Our employees guide and execute projects with various railway companies, home and abroad.

Temporarily or long-term, you can deploy our employees for your projects.

 Do you lack knowledge or are you short on expertise in order to execute a certain project?

Then temporarily complete your team with one or several of our employees.

We can help you with:

  • Writing an application authorisation part A or part B
  • Submitting a request part A or part B
  • Writing manuals for your staff
    • Manual train driver
    • Manual wagon master
    • Repair guides for locomotives
  • Keeping your licences up-to-date
  • Instructing your staff with regard to the Belgian regulations
  • Etc…    

We gladly take the time necessary to discuss your projects with you.

That way we come to a custom-made plan of approach together and we can help you with the execution of it.

Contact us for more information on our international service.