Growing your Food business

Our tailor-made, all-round approach
We help food businesses growing to their next level.

Whatever question or challenge you have as a food business, do not hesitate to contact us and we will look for a solution for you.

All BizzOn Group partners together have more than 120 years experience in the Food sector. All with a different background, combining diverse expertises. Next to our broad sector knowledge, we can also count on our large professional network. We love connecting all these people and companies to create value together.

  • Which long term vision to follow?
  • How to improve your profitability?
  • Which business model to choose?


  • How to position your product?
  • How to align all marketing variables like packaging, price, promotion and distribution channels?
  • How to develop and launch market-driven products?


  • How to sell to Retailers / Wholesales / Foodservice?
  • How to align strategy and sales approach?
  • How to optimise the whole sales process?


  • How to approach export in a structured way and less opportunistic?
  • Which export markets to choose?
  • How to manage export?


  • How to improve internal processes?
  • How to solve overcapacity or capacity shortage?
  • How to optimise production?

Organisation & HR

  • How to design the organisation in line with the strategy?
  • How to build and follow up a strong team?
  • How to improve personnel effectiveness?


  • What will be the ROI of a new investment?
  • What will be the total cost of a certain project?
  • How to attract external investors?


  • How to increase buying power?
  • How to align buying strategy with product needs?
  • How to optimise sourcing from abroad?


  • How to optimise transport and warehousing?
  • How to decrease logistic risks?
  • How to reduce logistics costs?


  • How to translate R&D results in marketable products?
  • How to optimise R&D activities in order to deliver marketable products?
  • How to set up R&D partnerships?